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Customer Service Tip #1

More often than not, any call centre job will require a candidate to have excellent customer service skills and a happy customer is always the desired outcome of any phone call. If you want to be on top of the customer service game, here is our first customer service tip to help you deliver excellent customer service.


This is absolutely critical in the world of customer service. We all know that customers can be challenging, frustrating and demanding and without your patience and control you will not be able resolve the call. The way in which you respond to people at the beginning of a call can make or break the situation and the last thing you want to do is hype the customer up. Your focus should be to keep them calm and be patient throughout the call and the easiest way to do that is always remember that the customer does not have a problem with you, but the product or service. If you don’ take things personally it is far easier to keep things in perspective and remain patient with an angry customer.

Patience is not only useful when dealing with angry customers but also those who have difficulty making decisions or who don’t fully understand a product or process. Here it is important to not rush the customer and explain things in a simplified way, or reiterate the pros and cons to help the customer reach a decision.

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