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Focus on: the Call Centre Agent

There are many different roles that you can undertake in a call centre, but the most common job that we recruit for is the call centre agent. This role can come under many different titles such as: Sales Executive, Customer Service Advisor, Inbound Sales Advisor, Outbound Sales Advisor, Claims Assessor, and Claims Processor.

The core part of many of these roles is taking telephone calls on behalf of an organisation in order to fulfil customer requirements. You might be selling products or services, providing customer service, undertaking customer research or maybe carrying out a debt management function. Many contact centres now use a whole host of technology over and above the telephone so you may also be corresponding with people via text, email and social media.

Typically, Agents make either outbound calls to collect data or to sell a product or take inbound calls from customers who may call into the organisation looking for a resolution to a problem or general customer support.

The key requirement for both of these roles is excellent customer care skills – you need to be clear and friendly on the phone and must always have a professional attitude when dealing with customers. However, depending on the types of calls that you are dealing with, many other skills required. If you are making outbound sales calls to customers who have not requested your call, your sales skills will be critical, however if you are dealing with incoming customer query calls, your ability to deal with customers efficiently and effectively will be of upmost importance.

Most Call Centre Agent jobs do not require any formal qualifications, and more often than not, personality is top of the list of requirements. Confidence is key and being able to effectively communicate with customers and problem solve are important attributes for this kind of job. Increasingly, Call Centre Agents are required to communicate with customers using technology so a basic level of IT literacy is often required.

Call Centre Agent jobs can be found in all sectors, however typically, most roles of this type tend to be within the financial (The Claims Guys), mobile phone/utilities (Convergys), online retail (Homespares) and property management sectors (RMG).

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