Company Profile

Astraline Services is part of the highly-regarded Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust, which provides accommodation and care services in the North-west with over 4,300 homes in the general, retirement and special needs sector. Astraline itself is a leading provider of customer-led, flexible safety solutions including:

  • Lone Worker monitoring
  • Telecare
  • Out of Hours call handling
  • Anti-social behaviour logging

With over 80 corporate clients, they offer a flexible approach to provide the best solution to many organisations.
Anyone who joins the call centre at Astraline will become part of a team of individuals dedicated to working together to make a positive difference to people’s lives, by providing homes and services that people value. They offer employees access to a wide range of training and development opportunities and their employee policies are designed to ensure people can work flexibly to meet the needs of their family and home life.

Call Centre Overview:

Astraline aim “to be the people who always deliver the UK’s most responsive, customer focused call handling service” and therefore the call centre staff are critical in achieving this aim. From a dedicated call centre in Poynton, Astraline provides 24-hour alarm monitoring, mobile wardens and out-of-hours repairs for the Trust, and also offers its services to other clients in the public and private sectors. It provides 24-hour support, 365-days a year to a wide-ranging client base who need to ensure their staff working out in the field are safe whenever they are on duty.

Recruitment Process:

We work very closely with the recruitment team at Astraline and, once we have spoken to you and agreed that Astraline would be a good place for you to work, we will arrange an interview for you. The interview will take place in the call centre in Poynton and you will have the opportunity to have a good look around and sample the atmosphere. We will prepare you thoroughly for the interview so you can turn up with confidence and enjoy it!


The call centre is based in Poynton, Stockport within Johnnie Johnson Housing. Poynton train station is just next door and there is free parking on site. View Map

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